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Connecting retailers with distributors online.

What we do for TAMWEEN
  • Mobile app,

  • Design,

  • Analytics,

  • QA,

  • Web development,

  • Product analytics,

  • Android,

  • Web analytics,

  • Support,

  • Frontend development

For Ascend, with the parent brand being Harvard Business Review, the quality of the product had to be top notch. We analyzed a number of proposals, and we ultimately went with Innvectra info Solutions. It was a great decision.

TAMWEEN is an online and mobile portal that enables retailers to book stocks online and track the shipment till it reaches its destination.

Enables the Wholesalers to showcase their products inventory, fix a price, approve orders and send the consignment. Subscription fee is been collected by the wholesalers based upon the number of products that are to be displayed.


The application’s search feature is one of its kind that provides results from many product categories and later can be drilled down individual product level and also similar products as per the search criteria. An order request from the retailers can be catered to single or multiple vendors, packed as per the instructions, shipped and delivered.

The online messenger helps the retailers and wholesalers to discuss about the products’ availability, price and shipments. The shipment tracking system enables the retailers to know the order dispatch date and time and delivery status on a timely basis. The user interfaces are designed to meet the requirement for wholesalers, retailers, account managers and transport managers with respective functionalities.

Client being in Saudi Arabia, requirements are gathered through frequent calls and the same has been maintained through the development process. The day to day issues and solutions are considered for elicitation and later to develop prototypes.

The real-time business workflow is transformed into functional behavior to develop the application. Emails and SMS are configured for communication between all parties. The application is thoroughly tested in the staging servers and later been deployed into Production.

Extremely user friendly Mobile App and easy to use Admin Panel along with accurate and highly scalable AI Engine delivered on time. During the entire process, Innvectra team involved in

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