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Application benefits almost all stakeholders in the NBA ecosystem.

What we do for ProFitX
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  • Design,
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  • Product analytics,
  • Android,
  • Support,
  • Frontend development
ProFitX Sports Corporation was founded by a former NBA Agent, Joshua Ebrahim who encountered various problems

Within the performance and financial analysis process that negatively impacted the real-time and projected value of the players. He eventually came out with an idea for a SaaS platform that would address these challenges, including bringing transparency to all stakeholders and that culminated in the creation of ProFitX. Furthermore, ProFitX has plans to expand the platform for other sports in due course.

Problem Statement

ProFitX wanted Innvectra to design, develop, and deploy a SaaS model platform that could gather data from multiple sources, compute, and present the real-time value for all active NBA players as well as the pre-match and live match win-loss probabilities.

The platform is hosted for subscription for NBA Fans, Agents, Athletes, Managers, Teams and use it in their everyday activities to improve and enhance the skills and take better decisions for better results.


Joshua, the Founder knew the NBA ecosystem and the business around it and Innvectra knew the technology. We joined hands to develop an outside-of-the-box application for the intended users. Innvectra participated at some points in the three years he spent on research and development on what it could take to solve the challenges he faced during his career as an NBA agent and took insights from it to decide on the technology stack and expertise that would be needed to develop the platform. ProFitX wanted an application that could scale with the need to add more players and more sports to it. We would leverage our capabilities to help ProFitX launch this innovative and intelligent platform.


The SaaS model platform developed by Innvectra has the following key features and functionalities:

  • The application is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to help teams, agents, athletes, fans, media, and coaches, by giving updated insights for each active NBA player.
  • The ever-evolving application takes into account factors like versatility, efficiency, injury history, statistics, age, and future potential to run its algorithm.
  • It can match players/trade chips/free agents with teams based on their playing styles and tendencies.
  • The product was launched after beta testing with over 25 NBA teams, and currently has a growing client list of NBA partnerships.
  • The information is updated almost in real-time using historical data and real-time updates from ongoing matches.
ProFitX, the first-of-its-kind world-class software, calculates a real-time contract value for each player based on regular season/playoff games to give all the stakeholders in the NBA ecosystem the necessary information to boost their development and earning potential.
  • The Dallas Mavericks first-class global sports and entertainment organization providing memorable experiences for fans worldwide, and ProFitX announced a sports partnership to provide valuable insights for the Dallas Mavericks athletes, coaching staff, and operations team to develop their roster throughout the year while also allowing their athletes to maximize their full value potential.

  • The portal displays 450+ active players at any time with the current contract and projected real-time value.

  • More than 2000 athletes’ data was considered in the calculation.

  • Received 100s of subscriptions during the first 3 months and the number is growing.

  • Covered by prominent sports media houses like Forbes, ESPN, HoopsHype, The Athletic, Yahoo Sports among others.

  • Have one of the top NBA Star athlete, Spencer Dinwiddie partnered with ProFitX.

  • The application has a voting system that allows fans to vote for their favorite player(s) that could influence their value

The ProFitX application benefits almost all stakeholders in the NBA ecosystem to reap benefits.

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