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Automating the
property monitoring

What we do for Acrewatch
  • Mobile app,

  • Design,

  • Analytics,

  • QA,

  • Web development,

  • Product analytics,

  • Android,

  • Web analytics,

  • Support,

  • Frontend development

For Ascend, with the parent brand being Harvard Business Review, the quality of the product had to be top notch. We analyzed a number of proposals, and we ultimately went with Innvectra info Solutions. It was a great decision.

A web application for property owners to safe guard their properties at all times.

The application acts a supervisory body to ensure the safety and security of the properties that includes maintenance, monitoring services and sales assistance. Works with subscription fee charged to the property owners for the services being selected on regular intervals.


An application was to build to enable Admin Users to store the list of documents each property is entitled to, physical check details of the property and timely reports to the property owner. Admin and property managers will act as moderators in property monitoring while executives does the job on the ground.

This unique application is relatively new in the Indian real estate business equipped with various roles and workflow features catering both business users and property owners.

A classy web application along with a nice looking website was built by Innvectra to meet the business purpose. During the process, Innvectra was involved in

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