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Technology expertise ensuring efficiency for insurance adjusters and insurance companies

What we did for EquiX
  • Software development,
  • Product Analytics,
  • Frontend development,
  • Web development,
  • QA
EquiX is a digital solutions company based out of the Chicago, USA, that provides SaaS application to Insurance Adjusters or Claim Adjusters to manage their insurance evaluation processes, mainly evaluation of the insurance claims to determine whether the insurance company should pay the insured parties their claim for damages/losses to their property or possessions and if so, the amount that should be paid or compensated for.
Problem Statement

Previously, the Insurance Adjusters were managing the tasks involved in the valuation of claims manually that consumed a lot of time resulting in lower efficiency and productivity. These were making the insurance claim processing time-consuming and least cost-efficient for Adjusters and as well Insurance companies.

Equix identified the need for a digital solution that would help Adjusters perform the evaluation process quickly and efficiently. They realized that the technology solution that they developed needed some enhancements and optimization. Innvectra was identified by EquiX for performing the tasks.


Innvectra reviewed the existing application to understand the architecture and functionalities and where and how the improvements would be needed. However, they did not want these to be a one-time project, but wanted a dedicated and skilled team to monitor, support, and enhance the application on an ongoing basis.

Our strategy is to maintain and improve the functionalities and performance of the application to allow them to process more claim valuations in order to scale their business.

  • Helped improve the page loading performance through coding changes
  • Developed API to enable accessibility on mobile application
  • Rewritten the depreciation calculation
  • Supporting the system for optimum up-time
  • Improved the overall performance through various optimization techniques
Innvectra has enabled the subscribers of Equix SaaS application to benefit in the following key areas:
  • Process more claims
  • Reduce indemnity by 20-30%
  • Reduce cycle time by 50%
  • High level of user experience
  • Help improve the efficiency in claim processing by insurance companies

The above results are helping Equix to increase their revenue and profitability.

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