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User-friendly designs focused on simplicity, aesthetics, and innovation.

With over 20+ years of combined experience, our experts magically improve your product’s overall usability just by making minor modifications to your UI. A minor change in the UX can dramatically optimize your expenses. We focus on the bigger picture to capitalize on the untapped opportunities in the market just with your UX design.

UI/UX Consulting

Whether you are a small company looking to outsource your UX project or an enterprise that already has a UX team whose skills need to be sharpened, we have the right solution for you.

For smaller teams, we provide the right direction with outsourcing. For enterprises, our UX consultants conduct workshops on various UX tools and train your team to effectively measure your UX effectiveness.

Story Boarding

Storyboards are great instruments for UX flow ideation. With storyboards, we predict the user experience and visually present it as a cartoon movie.

Storyboarding enables participatory design, where everyone on a team including the non-technical members can contribute to the product development.

Storyboarding enables your team to put themselves in the shoes of their users and see the aspects in a similar light.

UX Sketching

Our UX sketching expertise enables your team to try out multiple ideas without having to actually code them. This way we enable you to try out a multitude of UX approaches, iterate them, work out the specifics and finalize the best ones.

Sketching allows you to look at a UX problem from different angles and generate many possible solutions, thus avoiding developer’s block.


At Innvectra, we leverage wireframes that act like UX blueprints to showcase your team the direction we are taking. Wireframes offer an easy-to-understand framework for the stakeholders to get an idea of what is being developed before the full mockup is ready.

Tools & Technologies

Our team of experts excels in every technology powering native, hybrid, cross-platform, and custom mobile application development services in India

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