Internet of Things (loT)

Transform your business with IoT Products, IoT Solutions & IoT Services

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Here’s sneak-peek into our operation flow chart:

  • Discovery

    • Assess the impact of IoT
    • Identify IoT opportunities
    • Prepare business use cases
    • Prioritize the opportunities
  • Proof & Build

    • Build a proof-of-concept (POC)/pilot
    • Establish Fixed time/budget for quick validation
    • Leveraging scalable platforms and APIs
  • Launch

    • Expand POC/pilot scope for Minimum Value Proposition (MVP) solution
    • Architect MVP for scale, reliability, security
    • Incorporate DevOps with customer success management
  • Accelerate

    • Obtain customer feedback
    • Expand into the next IoT opportunity
    • Delivery new services and customer experience
    • Build a data-driven business

Services and Solutions

innvectra user- experience

User Experience

UX design is an intricate approach that enables

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Product Development

When Innvectra undertakes your product development

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innvectra custom application development

Application Development

We begin the process of our association with the

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innvectra mobile solutions

Mobile Solutions

From B2B or B2C enterprises to small businesses

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innvectra quality engineering

Quality Engineering

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innvectra offshore-outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing

Customer delight is our motto! We help you fulfill

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innvectra data science

Data Science

Innvectra seeks lasting partnerships, beyond just

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The Distributed\Decentralized Ledger Technologies

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cloud computing smallgrid

Cloud Computing

With Innvectra’s unparalleled expertise, you will

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HCM Solutions

Transitioning to Cloud

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