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Accelerate your digital evolution with efficient data engineering.

Why spend a fortune on trial-and-error methods, when deep learning can give you super-accurate customer insights? Understanding the exact needs of the prospects and giving them world-class customer support, are the key drivers of business success. This is exactly what our data engineering solutions do. Our team of Data Experts has curated end-to-end data engineering services with cutting-edge technology.

Deep Learning

Our Deep Learning solutions enable you to automate your customer interactions using Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

NLU enables your chatbots to understand the context of customer queries and offer empathetic responses in such a way that your customer doesn’t even feel like they are talking to a bot.

Data Architecture

Innvectra offers both predefined kits and also custom-built solutions to architect your data infrastructure.

We offer solutions for data discovery, data warehousing, data streaming, and data pipelines for real-time and batch data. We also automate your ETL processes for multi-structured data.

Data Analytics

Our advanced analytics solutions enable you to instantly get detailed customer insights that would otherwise take months to derive. Our ML solutions auto-calibration metrics, correlate events and produce user-friendly analytics reports.

Besides just giving you graphs and statistics, our Natural Language Generation (NLG) solutions take reporting to the next level by providing you with story-like reports that are easy to understand even for the not-so-tech-savvy audience.

Artificial Intelligence

We add AI functionality to your product and help you scale your IT infrastructure.

We create and implement a data strategy that is future-proof while also respecting policy and legacy constraints.

We collaborate with you to discover areas where AI capabilities can be added to your current products, services, and processes.

Data Science

Innvectra empowers you to make data-driven business decisions, recognize patterns, purchase habits, and competitors, assess risk, predict future outcomes, or match people to products, jobs, and services by combining a realm of data from webpages to internal documents with applied Data Science and custom AI dashboards.

Tools & Technologies

Our team of experts excels in every technology powering native, hybrid, cross-platform, and custom mobile application development services in India

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