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A cloud solution for Academic Evaluation and Expert Opinion providers to manage their Workflows and Tasks

What we did for Carnegie Evaluations
  • Software development,
  • Product Analytics,
  • Frontend development,
  • Web development,
  • QA
Carnegie Evaluations is a leading US based service provider of verification, authentication, and evaluation of foreign education, credentials, and work experience towards U.S employment-based petitions, to Individuals/Families, Immigration Law Firms, and Corporate entities including Fortune 500 companies, mid and small size companies.
Problem Statement

Carnegie Evaluations used a platform developed on PHP/MySQL technologies. That application suffered from some critical limitations that included the need to download documents from SFTP/FTP to the extent that only 50% of the tasks could be performed in online mode. This resulted in Carnegie users and their clients doing many tasks related to evaluation and certification assignments manually leading to high turn around time and resultantly lower efficiency and productivity.

Carnegie realized the need for a better solution that would make the application highly automated, faster, and allow the users to complete the entire process through the portal itself without the need to use external tools. Carnegie ascertained that the solution they were using needed to be revamped using modern technology stack to facilitate enhancements and optimization. The platform was also not cloud friendly and Carnegie wanted to run in cloud environment with little or no modification. Innvectra was identified by Carnegie Evaluations to take up the task of rebuilding their solution to meet Carnegie expectations.


The Innvectra team evaluated the existing application to discover its architecture and features and to determine the changes that would need to be incorporated. Innvectra’s approach was to reconstruct the application leveraging latest technologies along with making the platform more efficient, autonomous, and scalable. We identified the technology stack that includes Vue.js, Node.js, AWS S3, and MongoDB to rebuild the solution so that the platform would take care of not only the current requirements but also the future growth. Moreover, the platform with the support of automated workflows was expected to reduce the TAT and operating costs. Other factors considered included managing documents and communication without the need to use any external tools. Ensuring that the application complies with data policy regulations like GDPR was also on priority list.


Innvectra helped Carnegie Evaluations in solving the pain areas including the following key features:

  • Fully automated workflow including Evaluation Templates, Email Templates, Review, Approvals, and Invoice generation
  • Robust Dashboard that provides real-time view of evaluation and payment status
  • Platform being transformed from being 50% online to 100% online
  • Inclusive application eliminating the need to go out of the application to complete the entire tasks
  • Seamlessly smooth documents and communication management
  • Integrated email and payment systems to have it all done at one common location
  • Improved overall performance through various optimization techniques
The reconstructed platform has been delivering the following benefits to Carnegie Evaluations, among others. The renovated application can:
  • Process more evaluation/certification/opinion services

  • Help improve the operating efficiency

  • Bring down TAT by 40%

  • Deliver the benefits of 100% cloud friendly application

  • Provide enhanced level of Carnegie and Client user experience

The above results are being leveraged by Carnegie Evaluations to enhance their revenue and profitability.

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