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Business Models

Innvectra – a mixed-bag of business models that guarantee success! We value the power of choice and provide the privilege of choosing to our clients.

Our clients can choose and enjoy very specific services from us that suit their requirements the best and the most, without having to pay for irrelevant services. We offer a Fixed Turnkey Model for those clearly defined specifications. For evolving products or products in the development phase, our clients can choose an Offshore Development Center (ODC) with a dedicated team on retainer. And for those clients who wish to establish a subsidiary in India, we have the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model.

We understand that our clients’ choice depends on their reasons for outsourcing and their long-term goals. We take our clients’ words to recommend a suitable service model. No questions asked!

What’s more, Innvectra’s transparent, no obligation service model allows you to begin with the fixed-cost low-risk model for simple outsourcing needs, and extend to retainer-based ODC for those long-term, complex projects.

‘Insource’ at Innvectra.

We spare our clients the efforts and expense involved in the process of hiring project-specific staff. Our product engineering expertise facilitates a quick and hassle-free resource acquisition. Perfectly matched, top-notch engineers and architects to enhance your teams at any level and stage of product life cycle. Whatever may be the level and\or expertise of co-workers needed by our clients, we provide the resources that are ready to hit the ground running and merge seamlessly with their existing workforce to deliver the expected outcome.

Client Managed ODC

ODC – Managed by client serves as an extension to the onshore team. Most of our established clients prefer to use this service as it is best suited for their existing products. Innvectra manages their day-to-day operations, in order to free the clients to better utilize their time and efforts, to guide and monitor their teams and undertake the responsibility for their product delivery.

Fully Owned Subsidiary

Take advantage of our very client-centric and transparent system to convert any of the above models at any time to our Build-Operate-Transfer model. No questions asked!

ODC – Managed by Innvectra

This set-up is ideal, and highly recommended for startups.

The benefits are many. The most relevant one, of course, is the minimum setup time. And then there is the added advantage of Innvectra undertaking the complete responsibility of product deliveries. Our seamless coordination with sales, marketing and product management teams for timely deliveries of product developed as per market requirements will ensure that our clients benefit the most, without having to worry about the nitty-gritty detail that a start-up demands.

Innvectra – Managed Subsidiary

If you are aspiring to start a subsidiary, we can make it a hassle-free reality, with our infrastructural facilities. Under this service, Innvectra provides recruitment services as well, because we understand that recruitment can be a daunting and time-consuming prospect for most clients, especially if they are non-resident Indians. Through our infrastructural services, we negate such travails for our clients by leveraging our reputation, goodwill and strong presence in the academic institutions and in the most popular and preferred recruitment portals.