Engagement Models

What outsourcing model you choose has a bearing on the ROI of your IT investment and the long term success of your enterprise.

The most optimal engagement model depends on your reasons for outsourcing and your long-term goals. With clear and well-defined requirements a fixed price turnkey engagement model works best for enterprises in the long run. However, if a business roadmap is still being defined, an Offshore Development Center (ODC) with a team on a retainer is a better option for enterprises to spread out risks. But, if the goal is to eventually build a wholly owned subsidiary in India, a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is the best bet to maximize on costs and infrastructure.

Advantage Innvectra

Innvectra offers different operating options best suiting your business requirements, and also helps you understand where to start and how to transition. For instance, many of our customers start with a low-risk fixed price project to see if outsourcing works for them. As they gain confidence, they transition to high-complexity projects on retainer based ODC teams.

Choose from the engagement models below and let us tell you how it works best for you.

  • Insourcing – Innvectra excels in providing top quality engineers and architects to augment your teams at all levels and at any stage in your product lifecycle. Our product engineering expertise ensures a hassle free and quick resource acquisition process.
  • Innvectra Managed ODC – Perfect for startups or new product initiatives, this option offers minimum setup time with complete responsibility taken by Innvectra to deliver your products. The ODC team works closely with your sales, product management, and marketing teams to deliver products according to market requirements, on time.
  • Client Managed ODC – Most common among established companies for their existing products, the ODC in this model serves as an extension to your onshore team. While Innvectra manages day-to-day operations, you control the team directly and take responsibility for its delivery.
  • Managed Subsidiary – Suitable for companies thinking of starting their own subsidiary, but are concerned about the initial setup and attracting quality people. Innvectra sets up the subsidiary on your behalf and provides infrastructure services including recruitment, leveraging Innvectra’s presence in top academic campuses and key recruitment channels.
  • Fully Owned Subsidiary – The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) option can be added to any of the above three models to convert the ODC into a fully owned subsidiary at any point in time.