Approach & Methodology

Our engagement approach is simple; to enable success for you.

Right from your start-up, to your launch and on to your business building campaigns Innvectra uses innovative techniques and strategies for every step to ensure your success. We work with you one-on-one offering personalized service to ensure that your business success far exceeds your competition.

Innvectra Approach

Proven Project Management and Technological Expertise

Innvectra has proven project management skills and technological expertise needed for successful completion of any project.

Complete Security and Protection

Our development center is protected with advanced access control systems, 24/7 guard services. We unconditionally guarantee the protection of your intellectual property, design and development specifications, proprietary software and data with the highest levels of security. We maintain strict confidentiality about our clients and do not provide any personal or business information to other companies or individuals.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the paramount factor for us. A strong reputation on delivering top quality software to our clients is the potentiality we have accomplished by and large. We work closely with your in-house team during the development process to ensure that the finished software product delivers the full functionality required to meet your needs.

Transparency of Operations & Communication

We place extreme emphasis on operational transparency and well defined governance practices with built-in communication channels. We are open. We speak your language on all levels. And our regular communication system ensures you have the advantage of total view of development phases as per your needs.
Innvectra Methodology

A key competitive advantage of ours is the ‘end to end’ development process that we have carefully developed and practised over the years. It is a detailed and regimented procedure, but one we think serves to highlight our advantages in the marketplace.

Our 7 Step Methodology has been created with the concept of unsurpassed quality in mind. It is partly based on existing software development industry procedures (such as the Rational Unified Process) but also incorporates integrated elements that make software delivery in the web space unique – eg: high end graphic design and multimedia use, complex user interfaces, company branding, and broadly distributed approaches to sharing information.

Many parts of the process are iterative, especially during the design and planning phases. This flexibility allows for constant review and improvement, even during the course of a rapidly developed project.

A key aspect of the process is its modularity. All of our products and services can be delivered as part of a full development schedule, or individually when needed.

Usability & Accessibility

Our commitment to quality is particularly evidenced by our partnership with Clients. Usability analysis forms a core part of our design process, so wherever possible we involve Client for expert analysis at the design phase, and for formal third party testing during the testing & deployment phase.

Project Management Site

Our project management site plays a key role in all projects – we strongly encourage all our customers to use this as a central point for the storage and communication of project assets. Clients can access proposals, work in progress, mockups, staging versions of live projects, work reports, billing and account management tools via this site.

Three Stage Deployment

Due to our strict attention to quality management, all work carried out by Innvectra undergoes a three phase development procedure. Work is carried out on development servers. Staging servers provide client access for user testing and sign-off. Live production servers deliver finished applications to the world.