The rewarding successes we create today is directly tied to every individual contributing towards enhancing and maximizing business value for our clients, global career possibilities for our employees as well as financial and social significance for our stakeholders.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the vision called Innvectra turned to reality over the years by an individual striving to create excellence in every sphere of professional and personal lives touched by Innvectra.

Ravindrababu M V
Founder & Managing Director

As the Founder & Managing Director of Innvectra, Ravi brings a rich cross-industry experience and a wide technology expertise of more than 12 years. His domain skills encompass Strategic Planning in areas spanning Information Technology, Healthcare, Education as well as Media.

Ravi holds a Bachelor’s and a Masters’ degree in Computers. Prior to incorporating Innvectra Ravi spearheaded Cognizant’s RIA Division in Hyderabad. In his earlier roles, Ravi held senior positions at Aurona Technologies.

Ravi believes in employing a rigorous process to every aspect of the company’s operations and projects to bring predictability, transparency and cost saving to clients. It has been Ravi’s passion for excellence that shaped up the vision and formed the cornerstones of uncompromising Quality and constant Innovation for the company.

As the Managing Director, Ravi is primarily leading the delivery team while at the same time he has been instrumental in formulating the vision for the company and developing the culture of quality and innovation.

Today, Innvectra is widely recognized as a company that fosters Trust, Integrity and Delivery Excellence through total Customer Focus. Innvectra’s core value of People First ensures that every member enjoys inclusivity and personal onus to uphold the mission of the company and the success of its customers.